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The Hero's Journey


Sword of Destiny has plenty of daily and weekly quests for you to conquer the Scourge Beasts.  It is extremely important to complete all these attempts and quests everyday.  Let's see what your magical journey will include:


a.  Main Quest

Main Quests are basically the Hero's Journey throughout the world of Malfa.  Completing a Main Quest will reward you with great amounts of EXP.  By completing a Main Quest with 3-stars you will have the option to Blitz, meaning "one-click" to complete the Quest. 


b.  Weekly Quests

Weekly Quests are reset at 00:00 every Monday.  These quests can be complete with a party or solo.  The more members you have in your party, the greater the rewards.


c.  Escort Fairy

Want to save the Fairy from the evil Scourge Beasts?  Escort them to safety daily and gain massive EXP.


d.  Daily Events

Sword of Destiny has Daily Events to help you strengthen your hero.  With a total of x events throughout the day, be sure to be on time and claim massive rewards.


e.  Netherlands - BOSS

This is where you can test your skills against the strongest Scourge Beasts.  BOSSes only appear at specific times throughout the day.  The stronger the BOSS the greater the rewards. 


f.  Core Vault

The Core Vault is the best way to obtain cores to upgrade your Character.  Each time you draw for a Core you will gain Pts.  Accumulate enough Pts and receive Feathers.


g.  Infinite Caverns

Go through the Infinite Caverns and see how far you can go!  2 Attempts per a day is all you have.  It can be completed either solo or a party, and we always recommend inviting your friends to fight by your side.  Receive great EXP and a chance to obtain rare gear.


h.  Arena

Ready to test your skills against the greatest heroes in the Silvermoon?  Well, Arena is exactly the place to do that.  Battle against the best of the best, and become the greatest Hero of them all. 


i.  Cross-Server Battle

We know that you can never get enough PvP battles.  Cross-Server Battle will put you up against the greatest heroes not just in your server by all over the world.  With two Daily time slots for Cross-Server battles make sure that you and your friends sharpen your blade and shine your armor, as the greatest battle awaits you!