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1.  How to recruit mercenaries?


By collecting Wine Tokens and gold you can enter the Tavern to recruit different mercenaries. 


Rum = Common Mercenaries

Vodka = Rare Mercenaries

Whiskey = Legendary Mercenaries

2.  How to level up mercenaries?


You can level up mercenaries by using Mercenary EXP Potions by clicking the Mercenary Icon.


3.  How to increase Mercenary attributes?

Besides using Mercenary EXP potions, mercenaries can be upgraded further to increase the combat power and effectiveness in battles.  Besides Level, these upgrades include Boost, Core, Vital, and Ascend.  Each brining you greater strength in a number of ways.  

4.  How do mercenaries form battle formations?


In the battle formation icon (image), drag and drop existing mercenaries to your desired battle location.  Different level of mercenaries can form different battle formations and can be unlocked by leveling up your main character.  


How you place your mercenaries can affect the battle outcome greatly.

5.  How to unlock more battle formations?


Battle formations can also be unlocked by acquiring Combat Souls


6.  How to gather Combat Souls?


Combat souls are rewarded in BOSS, and Arena battles.


7.  How to obtain Gear?


Gear can be obtained through BOSS, Elite Challenge, and Treasury.


8.  How to level up main character?


In the beginning of your journey the best way to upgrade your character is to complete all main quests.  EXP can also be gained through daily and weekly AFK quests.


9.  How to obtain Mercenary Combo Attacks?


Combo attacks can be activated only with high level mercenaries with skills at level 5.  You will be instructed with how different mercenaries can be coupled with other mercenaries to form a formidable team for Combo Attacks.


10.  How to collect fashion items?


Fashion items can be redeemed through new server events, specific events, and by using Gold to

purchase the fashion item through the Fashion icon.blob.png

11.  How to upgrade Gear?


The Forge icon will provide you with many options to make your Gear stronger than ever before.  This includes Soul, Fuse, Refine, and Bond.  Any extra items can be used in Recycle, and you can always transfer the upgrades from one item to another by using the Transfer tab.blob.png

12.  What does a Mount do?


Mounts are a great companion and can increase your effectiveness in battles.  Besides from looking cool and allowing you to have quicker movement speeds outside of battles, they also 

possess great skills that can be activated during battles. By click the Mount Icon you can they further upgrade your mount and unlock great skills.blob.png

13.  Where can I get material needed to upgrade gear?


You can find most of the materials for upgrading gear in the shop, dismantling gear, and the fishing Event.


14.  What materials are available in the fishing event?


You can find gems, different upgrade stones, runes etc. in the fish that you capture.


15.  What is Iron used for?


Iron can be used for Bonding your equipment to increase its attributes.  You can find Iron by recycling other items and rewards in arena battles.


16.  What should I do with extra gear that I have?


By recycling extra gear that you have obtained through rewards you will receive different stones and runes that can be used to upgrade your gear along with silver. 


17.  What happens when I get new gear and no longer need my old gear?


In the Forge icon blob.png you will find a tab that says transfer.  Here you will be able to transfer the upgrade and stats from your old gear to your new gear.

18.  How do I get married?


Well i'm not sure we can answer that question for you : )


You can only get married with characters in the game that you are friends with.  You can find the Marriage icon blob.png and click propose.  You will then need to go to the shop to purchase a ring to propose, and once your partner accepts your proposal there will be a wedding held in the main city along with a new dungeon for you and your partner.